Safeware Engineering

Smart Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) are beginning to permeate our entire life. For the social acceptance of these applications it is essential that they can be used easily and without danger. Smart Grids / Smart Energy Systems, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Home, Industry 4.0, and Smart Sensors are applications that require high reliability and safety. Additional security components can support this, but they themselves have enormous weaknesses, which additionally make the systems to be protected vulnerable.

In order for software to become SafeWare, a software that does not harm people in the broadest sense, it must fulfill its promised function, even in adverse circumstances. It must be secured against unauthorized access and protect the confidentiality of data. Aspects of reliability, availability, fault tolerance, security against attacks, and the protection of private and secret data must work together to make the transition to SafeWare.

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In order to raise public awareness of a "Sicherheitskultur" with concepts for technical safety, IT security and security procedures, the "Berliner Gesamtkonferenz der Sicherheitsinstitutionen (BGKdSI)"  has been dedicated to interdisciplinary exchange of expertise in German speaking organisations since 2015. The objective of BGKdSi is to overcome individual and group-specific comprehension limits. Mutual information and objective communication as well as sustainable cooperation are of outstanding importance. Here are the contributions to the most recent conference in September 2018.